The Terra Santa Christian line is made by Milman Ltd., located in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Milman specializes, in addition to religious items, also in plaques, trophies, medals, Figurines, jewelry, pins, and more. Milmans goal is to provide the highest quality product, in the timeliest manner, and with the most rigorous adherence to the customers’ exact requirements.

Milman LTD is owned and managed by David, Shlomo and Miri Milman, whom are part of a long Line of the Milman Dynasty of artisans and craftsmen whom founded Milman In 1948. 


 The Original founder, Avraham Milamn, brought with him his extreme artisan expertise from pre-WW2 Europe where he was groomed in the profession since childhood. And since the founding of Milman, his descendants and team of specialists working with them have further honed their artisans’ skills to near perfection.

Milman provides an A-Z design process solution from the drawing boards to the final finishing, polishing and other final touches. Milman manufactures them with the strictest international standards and with the highest quality materials and quality assurance levels and the production team includes Israels’ lead experts and engineers in their respective fields. Milman, throughout its extensive lifetime, developed numerous design models which are considered global standards and became industry benchmarks around the world.


All the final products are hand made and most of the internal parts are manufactured IN HOUSE. It uses various state of the art Italian (and other) machines for the cutting (CNC), welding, casting , bending, sheet metal working, polishing and more, and can process materials like iron, wood, perspex. The casting process, for example, includes 17 phases until the finished product.

As part of the final touches Milman color coats the products which, in addition to giving it beauty and splendor, also protects it from the elements. It uses various exotic colors like darkened silver, nickel, brass bronze, antique and more.